Just Stand Up

If we have ever taken a stand for morality in this country, it is time to really stand up for what is right. If not for ourselves then do it for our children. If you are not aware of what occurred this past week, I recommend that you read the following letter found at this […]

“Super” November

There is no need to worry about the condition of the political race that is consuming the majority of the airways. How about concern though, for the apparent lack of any substance behind the major issues that confront our everyday lives. It would appear that the candidates feel that the American public is more concerned […]

America at a Crossroads

    As a Christian we should understand that we have a responsibility to pray for our leaders, from the White House to our State and local governments. We also have the responsibility and privilege to go to the polls and cast a vote for the candidates of our choice. The list of candidates seeking […]

What to Look for in 2016

Taken from: The Ethics and Religious Liberties Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention What to watch for: The cultural and political events that may shape 2016 The ERLC seeks to educate and equip the church about today’s ethical, cultural and moral issues. We thought it would be helpful—at the start of a new year—to give […]


New Year 2016

The question for 2016 should not be “what will God do for us” but “what will we do for Him.” God sent His Son so that we might have life – life eternal simply because of His love for us. The result of His grace should then be the motivation for our service in 2016. […]


The Pro-Life Implications of the Incarnation

The following is taken from the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission The pro-life implications of the Incarnation By: Dr. English Pastor of Training The Village Church In recent months, several videos have surfaced that show officials from Planned Parenthood discussing the sale of body parts from aborted children. These conversations include details about the monetary […]



No one has ever seen anything like this presidential cycle in his or her lifetime. All the conventional wisdom goes out the window. The question running through the minds of conservative evangelicals is; “Of those running, who do you vote for?” That question can only be answered after much soul searching and praying for wisdom […]


God’s Design for Marraige

Taken from Focus on the Family: “God’s Design for Your Unique Marriage Differences” Western culture’s movement away from God provides a rich opportunity for Christian men and women to reveal what following God’s design for male and female can really look like and, in the process reveal God’s heart. The opportunity must be seized — […]